Tips on How to Develop Outstanding Leadership Qualities

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Published: 24th November 2010
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Can you make a leader? Or is it something that is born? Many people believe that leaders are born, not made. But, we disagree!

Here is the reason why we think leaders are not born...

Go and take a look all the newly born babies in a nursing hospital, can you spot a leader there? I bet you see that some of the babies are crying... while others are sleeping soundly.

Although, there are certain traits that are inherent in some people, but leadership skills can be developed and nurtured through experience and practice.

It goes without saying that leadership skills are very important, in both work careers and fanily life. Every organization in the world is on a lookout for good leaders to help them drive their businesses to success. A successful organization has successful leaders, without leaders, an organization is like a lost ship sailing in the wild sea.

You see, we believe that many of the fine leadership qualities can be learned and developed over time through some hard work and determination. If you think that you can be a leader, you can!

Developing the leadership qualities in you is not a rocket science. The challenge mainly is to be able to apply certain leadership qualities and practice what the leaders do every day until such time they become a part of you.

No, it won't happen overnight. It requires you to put in time and effort to nurture the leadership traits in you.

Here are the top three qualities that every effective leader possesses:

Quality #1: Vision

A leader must have a vision. He or she must have the ability to anticipate possible future events and developments. A great leader is able to see opportunity in a crisis. They can spot something that other won't see.

Quality #2: Passion

A leader must have a passion - a strong enthusiasm and full of energy for a subject or activity that they are doing. Their passion will inspire others to work towards the goals.

Quality #3: Action

A leader must have a strong desire to make things happens. Being able to plan, implement, and execute is very important because in the corporate world, many factors could trigger people to be ineffective, especially when they procrastinate all the time. Leaders are reliable and take accountability for everything that involves the responsibilities given to them by their superiors. They are always "on the go," full of energy and enthusiasm to get things moving.

Quality #4: Influence

Leaders have the ability to inspire and influence people to follow them. They can inspire and move people to work towards the same goal. This is very important, if you are able to move a team to work toward your goal, you are going to get it. However, if people in the team are working towards different goals, you are going to have a disorganized and disoriented group.

Quality #5: Commitment

One of the qualities that can truly set leaders apart from the rest is their commitment. When effective leaders make a commitment, they stand by it no matter what. While some of us will easily give up when faced with hardships and challenges, a leader will face these head on with no signs of backing down. They know that they are perceived as role models of their team and they always do their best to set a good example by staying committed to their objectives and goals.

If you can practice the abovementioned qualitites in your daily activities over time, you are going to possess them. It is just a matter of time. So, if you want to be an effective leader, you must develop these qualities in your life and make them to be part of your habit.

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