Understand the 4 Personality Types of People in Your Organization

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Published: 25th November 2010
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People and interpersonal skills are perhaps one of the most valuable assets in connecting and communicating with people. Unless you are living in the ghetto, as human being we all need to constantly communicate and deal with people everyday. Interpersonal skills are extremely important especially for those who are running a business enterprise as they need to constantly communicate, motivate and train people who work in the enterprise.

Four Personality Types

Different people have different personality types. In general, there are 4 main personality types that we need to understand if we want to be able to deal with people successfully. These 4 personality types are:

1. Analytical - Individuals who fall under this category are known to be very technical. They tend to analyse everything in details, they work based on facts and technical data. These individuals have low people skills because they tend to focus their ability on the technical aspects, and more often than not, they prefer to work alone. However, this doesn't mean that they cannot be trained to recognize the value of people and interpersonal skills. If you train and develop them properly, they can be your best managers or leaders in your business enterprise.

2. Driver - Individuals who fall under this category like to deal with people and focus on result. If they don't get good results, they will demand explanation from you. These individuals are very proactive, they want to see that things get done quickly. However, the main drawback od these individuals is that they can be very aggresive and offensive. If you are dealing with them, you need to exercise a lot of patience. These people are the leader type but they need to learn how to control their aggressiveness. If they do, they can be your best leaders.

3. Amiable - Individuals who fall under this category are very likeable. They avoid confrontations and disagreements, and often likes to please. An amiable person can be insecure so he needs constant affirmation and assurance from people that matter. Amiable people may possess people skills to some degree however their insecurities could limit their abilities.

4. Expressive - Individuals who fall under this category can easily show emotion either in words and expressions. They willingly help others in times of need but they despise rejection and are often afraid of it. These people can develop people skills as long as they are given proper guidance and are able to control their emotions.

In order to develop good people and interpersonal skills, you do need to understand the four main personality types that we mentioned above so that you can better deal with them. This can only serve as a guidance, it is not a fixed recipe, you need to understand that most people have mix personality types. You hardly find an individual who only possesses one personality type. But, most people have one particular personality type that is more dominant than another.

As a leader or manager of a business enterprise, you do need to have the skills that allow you to interact with different types of people. You need to be able to make these people to work together and motivate them to achieve the same goals of your organization.

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